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King Business and Financial Management is an entertainment business and financial management firm providing services to international touring and recording artist, songwriters, producers, publishing companies, record labels and entertainment professionals.Properly installed and maintained Air Duct is an important part of your hvac system. Central forced air heating & cooling systems deliver hot or cold air through the ductwork & out the vents. Ducts must be properly routed, leak free and clean in order to efficiently deliver clean air. Proper ventilation will save on energy costs & eliminate air contamination which can cause health issues. It will also control moisture levels. Excess moisture can cause mold or mildew. Excessive dry air on the other hand can cause other health & comfort issues & interior damages. A properly designed installation with quality materials will last many years. It will save thousands in energy costs and increase the value of your property. An old system which is dirty, leaking, corroded or improperly routed could be costing thousands in energy costs. Leaks in ductwork can account for up to 30% of energy loss. This may also contribute to premature aging of roofs & interiors. Air quality could be very poor as well. In such cases we can upgrade your ductwork or seal leaks. Air Quality & Duct Cleaning We offer duct cleaning for your home or business’ existing ductwork. This is one very important part of achieving the highest indoor air quality. Over the years, depending on how often the filter has been changed, dust & mold can accumulate inside the ducts. Pathogens can be carried out through the vents into the environment. This can contribute to allergies & other health problems. Cleaning or replacing your filter regularly helps to reduce this. Ultraviolet lights (UV) installed in the air handler along with quality HEPA filters purify the air. We install these components as well as whole house humidifiers. These components along with cleaned air ducts combine to deliver the highest quality indoor air.